UCLA On Top for Devron Davis

Aug. 10 -- The Bruins offered the JuCo corner last week and he's excited about it...

Merced College cornerback Devron Davis has blown up over the last few months, with offers coming in from around the country. Schools like Georgia, LSU, Florida State, and Oklahoma have offered, but it was a local offer last week that might have made the biggest impact.

"It was very cool getting the UCLA offer, that was very big," Davis said. "I like Coach (Demetrice Martin) and Coach (Jim) Mora down there. They do a great job of recruiting. They're definitely one of my top schools right now."

The Bruins hadn't been on Davis long because they weren't sure how available he'd be with all the attention he was receiving. He quickly let them know how interested he was.

"The offer came on really quick, because Coach Meat didn't know I'd be interested with all the offers I've gotten," Davis said. "But when we talked, we were on the phone for a couple of hours, and we hit it off right away. UCLA was always one of my dream schools growing up, and schools that I always paid attention to, so it was definitely cool."

In an ideal world, Davis would like to stay out West for college, which is part of what makes UCLA so attractive to him, especially in context of the other big-time offers he has.

"I have a lot of family in California and stuff like that," Davis said. "I definitely feel like I want to stay in California."

Still, it doesn't sound as if Davis is going to make a quick decision, as he'd like to get more information before landing on a school.

"I'm going to take some visits," Davis said. "I'll probably decide sometime around mid-season. I was talking to Coach Meat about that. I want to take some visits, but they're definitely my top school right now, UCLA definitely is right now. But I'm definitely going to go to USC, the crosstown rival, Oregon, and Nebraska. I'll visit UCLA before all of those, on my bye week."

Davis, who will have three years to play two once he arrives at a four-year institution, has plenty of versatility in the defensive backfield.

"Coach Meat told me he likes me at corner, but he will put me in the nickel," Davis said. "I'll be playing corner and nickel, but he wants to see what I can do at safety too."

Davis is on track to graduate with his AA in December, which would put him in school in time for spring practice 2016.

He said, in addition to UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Nebraska, Arizona State and Georgia are also recruiting him hard. With that kind of interest, he really wants to evaluate each of the schools before making a decision.

"I could see a possibility where I commit early, but I feel like going on a visit and getting clarification of meeting the coach, and seeing how they interact with me, that's probably the biggest thing in my decision," Davis said. "I want to be sure of whatever school I go to."

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