VIDEO: Mora After UCLA's First Practice

Aug. 10 -- Head Coach Jim Mora talked about some missing players, the tempo, and more from UCLA's first day of fall camp in San Bernardino...

UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora talked after UCLA's first practice of fall camp in San Bernardino.

Opening statement:
It's great to be back up here in San Bernardino. We had a good day of work and good meetings last night. Getting going. Its fun to be here, work hard and leave a better team than we came here as. A couple of personnel issues to tell you about. Simon Goines is out right now with a medical issue. We're not sure the severity of it. Our doctors are diagnoising what the problem is and we'll trying to get him going as quickly as possible. He will not be at camp for the next two weeks. Hopefully it's not real serious but its something that we've gotta keep our eye on. We'll see where he is from here. Chris Clark has mono. Hopefully he'll be back out doing some things tomorrow, but he's had it for a couple weeks now so it's just a matter of monitoring that and seeing where he is physically and how we can work him back in. I know you're going to ask why Craig Lee isn't out here. Craig's still finishing up some work in school. He's had a really good summer in the workout program and a good summer academically, but he's got work that he's got to get done and as soon as he's able to get that done, then he'll be able to rejoin us. Cordell Broadus wasn't here today and he's been excused for a day or two just to take care of some personal things. I don't anticipate it being anything serious. I like to focus on the guys that are here. I thought we got off to a good start and I have a good feel for the veteran guys on the team and their understanding of what it takes to be a good football team. You see it in their work ethic. Its really exciting to see that. If we can build off what we saw in spring, we'll be moving in the right direction.

On Simon Goines' injury:
It's independent of those (previous) injuries. I don't want to be evasive, but I don't feel I should discuss it right now. Its nothing life-threatening. Its something our doctors want to monitor. Its disappointing obviously for everybody, especially Simon, because he's had a good offseason. Its not an injury, its a medical condition. We just hope the best for him eventually.

On the quarterback rotation:
It will be different than it was in the spring. We'll have guys working in every practice but there will be a main guy in each practice. Today as you saw, it was mostly Jerry and Josh. For the first it was Jerry with the 1's and Josh with the 2s and the second period it was Josh with the 1's and Mike with the 2's. After five or six practices, we'll evaluate out where we are.

On if he was generally happy with the tempo:
I was generally pleased. A long ways to go. We're slowing down the tempo the first couple days. The time and pace of snap to snap, trying to emphasize finish, coaching points. I don't want to just break them the first few days. We have a plan for getting to where we want to get. It was a good start for us and in line with what we've had planned.

On if any freshman stood out:
No. It's just hard that first day. There are so many things going on in my mind. I have to settle in to the routine. I'm looking forward to guys standing out.

On if any bodies looked good or stood out:
I think as a football team, we just look good. I watch our ofensive and defensive line in stretch. They look big and physical and they don't look dumpy. They look mean and athletic. Our defensive line the same thing. Looking physically like we want to look. Its a great credit to Coach Alosi and this staff.

On what they look for when evaluating quarterbacks:
A million different things. Presence. Presence in the meeting room, presence in the locker room. Presence on the field. Ability to move from play to play. An understanding of our scheme, consistency in their performance. Someone who takes care of the football, the confidence of their teammates and someone who can make plays for us to help us win the game and not make plays that hurt us. Put us in positions we may struggle. There are a lot of things that go in to it. Its based upon the feel we get having done this for a long time.

On if he feels like he's less hands on:
I don't ever want to feel like that. My job is to steer the direction of the team and let the coaches coach. I feel very comfortable with the coaches we have and what we're doing with the team. I want to let them do their work. The mindset and energy and focus, that is my responsibility.

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