Jordan Payton Talks UCLA's First Practice

Aug. 10 -- The senior receiver talks about the quarterbacks and the first day of practice...

Jordan Payton is entering his fourth fall camp in San Bernardino, and talked about that and more after the first day of UCLA Football practice on Monday:

On his day one impressions:
You can always get better but I thought we had a good day. Its different when you have a ton of new guys and new freshman. First day is always the first day. We always try to go out and just play. I thought it could get better and we'll just get acclimated to things. We had a decent day but not up to our standards.

On his connection with the quarterbacks:
Honestly, I love them all. Its a tough battle because I have a personal connection with each one. Josh is my roommate here, and I'm with Jery all the time and have known him for years. Its an interesting battle for me. I just try to go out there and catch. We always talk about the three feet right in front of you. I'll do what I have to do and let the coaches handle that battle.

On when it's important to know who it will be:
If I was the coach, I would have that and tell you that. I can't tell you that. I just go out and play football.

On their different skill sets:
They each have different attributes. Josh is extremely physically talented and Jerry is such a smart player and Mike is phenomenal overall. Credit Mike, he earned his scholarship. He came from the bottom and really grinded. Drake lines. Its a great battle and it brings character to the group and I can't wait to see who comes out. Whoever gets it obviously deserved it.

On rooming with Josh Rosen:
Yeah, for camp. All the quarterbacks, we hang out. Its nothing personal. Competition is competition. It was random selection. I can help him with the plays and help him get acclimated to San Bernardino and help him get after it.

On the weather in San Bernardino:
It's always over-hyped. Ever since our freshman year when six guys went out in the hospital, thats our selling point every year. They come in here wide eyed and nervous. But today its 85, like in Westwood. It was 116 my freshman year.

On the younger receivers:
We have a great young group. I'm excited to see them in the future and seeing them, Van Dyke, Lasley, Eldridge is starting to take the torch. Our coaches do a great job with recruiting. Stephen Johnson, Speedy out there, it's going to be great to come back and see these guys.

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