Paul Perkins After UCLA's First Practice

Aug. 11 -- The junior running back talks about which freshmen have stood out to him...

Paul Perkins:

On the first day:
It was a good start. I think we have a lot to work on. But I think we have a good base and good foundation. We have a lot of young guys and I'm excited for the season.

On if anyone stood out:
Soso, Bolu, Stevie, a couple of the lineman. These guys have a lot of potential. How fast they picked up the game, the different pressures and defenses.

On Soso's skill set:
He's 6-2, the rest of us are under 6-0. He has a much smoother game, like Eric Dickerson, he'll get the job done.

On camp in San Bernardino:
I think we'll definitely get to bonding here. Its a secluded place. Its good to come out here and bond with each other.

On what he worked on in offseason:
Definitely a lot of film, reading coverages. Being a more vocal leader.

On how you work on being a vocal leader:
You kind of have confidence in yourself. As long as they have respect for you, they'll listen to you.

On personal goals:
To be the best running back in the nation and win a national championship.

On so many returning starters:
We definitely have a lot of leaders on both sides of the ball. Coming out here with 18 guys is reassuring. They know how to practice and how to study.

On his relationship with the quarterbacks:
We're all good friends. We have to be on the same page. That's the biggest thing for the upcoming guys. We have to build a rapport and always be on the same page.

On if they're itching for a starting quarterback to be named:
We're going to go out there with whoever is named. Whether it be Jerry or Josh or Mike or Jake because we'll be out there on the same page.

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