Myles Jack on First Day in San Bernardino

Aug. 11 -- The junior linebacker talks about being in San Bernardino for yet another fall camp...

Myles Jack:

On the first day:
It was good. It was really hot. Some people won't say its hot but for me it was hot. It was fun getting back in to football. Me personally I have a lot of work to do. As a team we have a lot of work to do. Its day one, we'll get all that knocked out and be ready for the season.

On taking more of a leadership role:
Definitely. Even myself, I have to make a conscious effort. I have to take on a role to make sure everyone is getting their job done, when it is to be serious and not serious. I'm a relaxed guy but there are times we have to tighten up and get everyone in line. I'm learning when not to do that. There are different people.

On summer workouts:
Summer workouts are what they are. Its not really a leadership thing. Leading by example when the freshman came by. Its more this type of environment.

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