VIDEO: Noel Mazzone After UCLA's Practice

Aug. 11 -- The offensive coordinator talks about the quarterbacks and the tight ends...

Noel Mazzone:

On who his quarterback is:
Its 91 degrees, 15 percent humidity. I don't know yet.

On if he's closer to finding one:
Two practices closer. That's a good answer.

On what he's seeing differently from the spring:
I love the competition that is going on. I like that they all have their things they do well, their strengths and weaknesses. We've added some things this year. They're wearing shorts and shirts. It can be a little bit of a grind then we'll get in to some situations where we'll see who's the best.

On if Chris Clark's absence has them doing anything different:
Not at all. We've got some guys at that position that could do some things. Nate, Tyler Scott, Colby Cyburt. Going back to the Joe Fauria days. Some things that we haven't been able to run the last couple years. Like what we call runs and hand the ball off.

On how much it puts Clark behind:
Of course it does, but you know how simple this offense is. He's been at every meeting.

On Aaron Sharp:
He's kind of flashing. He can run, he was a 200m guy. The spring was good. He didn't know what to expect, he's feeling comfortable. I'm excited about him and Austin Roberts.

On Soso Jamabo:
I like him, Bolu, that whole group. They've come in, we don't treat them any different. We don't baby them at all. All those guys have jumped in and contributed. He's really flashing. He'll be that guy we'll give the ball to. All those guys have skill sets.

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