VIDEO: Caleb Benenoch on UCLA Offense

Aug. 11 -- The offensive tackle talks about his health and how it's easier to block for a pocket quarterback...

Caleb Benenoch:

On being back fully:
Its fantastic. I'm happy to be back out there.

On the offseason:
I cut a little weight. I'm 305, like where I'm at. Got a lot from Coach Alosi.

On how he feels:
I feel fantastic.

On if it feels like the most consistent offensive line:
Yeah, it's the first year we've got all veterans. I think the guy with the least amount of starts is Kenny Lacy, everyone else has like 20 starts except for Connor.

On if it makes practice easier with veterans:
It makes everything easier. This is the first time we're gelling together.

On how good can we be:
We could be the best in the country. There was a string where we averaged the most yards per attempt. We can find that consistency and we can be the best in the country.

On the freshman offensive lineman:
They're all talented. Josh is real athletic, Fred is strong and athletic, Tevita too. Andre James has the most technique that I've seen. Its really impressive. The guy who stood out the most was Kolton Miller. I think he's going to be a superstar.

On what changed on the line last year:
We finally found a group of guys that could gel together. I think that second half, we found that path and we need to keep building on that.

On Connor McDermott's emergence:
It was huge. When Connor gets his hands on people, its hard to get around. He's a really good player. Anchoring that side down, and then the two guards, then Jake Brendel is Jake Brendel, I like how the line is.

On how eager he is for the season when healthy:
I'm very eager. Everyone is talking and saying what they want to say.

On if he has a preference for tackle or guard:
I'm a tackle. That's what I've played since high school. I play tackle every game here. Its not going to change.

On having Paul Perkins and Soso Jamabo in the backfield:
Paul Perkins, in my opinion, is the best running back in the country. He does everything perfectly. He goes every play. I'm eager to see what Soso can do in plays. Its a lot of fun to see these guys progress.

On how the offensive line will be helped by a starting quarterback being named:
It doesn't make a difference to us. I'm eager to see who the quarterback is. I watch the film, they make plays, and we do what they do.

On if its different without a runner back there:
It makes our job easier. Its harder on a defensive end. You're not going to win earlier so having a pocket passer makes our job easier.

On having Adrian Klemm back:
It makes a huge difference. Me and him were kind of out at the same time. It was tough on both of us. I'm happy he's back. He's our mentor and big brother. I love having him back.

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