VIDEO: Jerry Neuheisel on UCLA QB Competition

Aug. 12 -- The junior quarterback talks about what it will take to win the job...

Jerry Neuheisel:

On if there is a plan or schedule on what the coaches want to see:
I think the coaches want competition. They want the best guy to win the job and they want him to earn it. Anybody who's going to get the quartebrack job has to earn it. They have to be the leader of the team and they have to earn the job. We have a big competition on our hands and we all have to push each other. I'm looking forward to when we kick it off against Virginia.

On if they have a timeline:
No, and I don't think they should. They get pair a whole lot of money so they're obviously schooled on when to make these decisions. Its up to us to worry about our own craft. It would be unfair to our teammates to not work on our craft.

On if the competition is in a different place:
I wouldn't say so. I still think its an even race. I feel like we're all getting reps and trying our best to show the coaches we can control this offense and be efficient and if our name is called, we're ready to go.

On what's working in his favor:
I don't know. I've been around this game an awful long time. I have a tendency to know where we're trying to go, what we're trying to accomplish. At the end of the day, I don't care about my stats as much, I care about first downs and I want to march our team down and put us in the end zone. If I get called on that for game one, I look forward to doing that.

On how much work they do in the offseason:
We go in every week. Coach Mazzone gives us a plan, and we watch film. We're all ready to go and anxious to get the nod. For now, we're worried about tomorrow and trying to be as good as we can for then.

On the difference in camp without Brett Hundley:
Its a lot more fun, to be honest, there is a lot more to do. I don't have to sit on the sidelines and signal in plays and I get to go in with the 1's more. So that's pretty cool. I miss Brett and I wish him all the best with the Green Bay Packers and he's going to surprise people. Its weird because he's been here for so long, but I'm not going to lie, its a lot more fun without him.

On what he does better since last year:
I would say managing where I'm going to go with the ball. At the end of the day, we only get 2.8 seconds and getting sacks has been an issue so we're trying to rectify that. I'm doing a better job of getting the ball to the receivers. I don't look like the 6-8 guy in the NFL, it all comes down to completing passes and making touchdowns.

On the improvement of the offensive line at the end of the year:
It was a combination of the whole offense. I think its unfair to put it all on the offensive line. The sacks are attributed to coverage sacks. Anything that happens in an offense is a whole team effort. As an offense, we're working to get that situation fixed.

On if he sees a more experienced front:
We're further along this year than we ever have been. We've seen every blitz. We're in one of the hardest conferences in the country. Our offensive line is looking forward to getting rid of that stigma.

On Aaron Sharp:
He's fast. Aaron Sharp and the other guys on the team, we're using speed instead of just juking out there. Its a lot of fun playing quarterback. Its not hard, its playing pitch and catch.

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