VIDEO: Jordan Lasley On Growing Maturity

Aug. 12 -- The UCLA wide receiver talks about his growth as a player over the last year

Jordan Lasley:

On his development:
I've taken great strides as a player. I've gained more weight and gotten faster. I think I've improved a lot in a lot of different ways.

On what he's been working on:
The main thing is to get better everyday, get on the field as much as I can, be a good teammate to my team.

On his offseason goals:
The last four months to get stronger and faster and learn the playbook and get a better relationship with my teammates. Be accountable and let my teammates know I can be an accountable player.

On the biggest difference from last year's camp:
Its a big difference. I'm actually here for the first week, so that's a big difference. I know every single play our coaches call. I'm able to play faster. I feel good, I feel better, I'm more conditioned and I feel better.

On moments of hot-headedness:
Obviously, I'm an emotional player. They told me I have to be accountable to my team, and getting in to those altercations or scuffles are not going to help my team. That's what those conversations consist of.

On what he's improved on most:
Being consistent in catching the ball, not getting in to so many scuffles, I think I've improved on that, besides today. I've gotten faster, I know all of my routes. Its way easier than last year.

On how he controls his emotion:
Letting stuff go. That's the main thing and not taking everything so seriously and personal. I'm an emotional player, but sometimes i have to keep my stuff internal.

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