VIDEO: Nate Iese On Bigger Role

Aug. 13 -- The redshirt junior fullback talks about his role potentially expanding in the offense...

Nate Iese:

On the biggest difference in camp:
Just knowing what to expect. Its my fourth year in San Bernardino. Looking up to the older guys when I was hear, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Jordan Zumwalt, they taught us how to push ourselves when it gets hot and how to compete. Different aspects and now its our turn to lead.

On if his role has expanded:
Its always expanding. We've been progressing every year. They've been expanding on it a lot. I'm trying to maximize every opportunity thrown my way.

On if he sees himself being used solely on offense:
I'm not really focused on defense at all, its hot out here, we're competing every day. I'm maximizing every opportunity thrown my way.

On if his versatility can help a quarterback:
I feel like I can help a lot, but there are a lot of aspects that can help a quarterback. Every offensive player has been great so far in terms of competing. I'm looking to progress every day.

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