VIDEO: UCLA's Bradley on Camp, Recruiting

Aug. 12 -- The UCLA D-Coordinator Tom Bradley talked Wednesday about different defensive looks and recruiting...

UCLA D-Coordinator Tom Bradley on Wednesday:

On first impressions from camp:
I'm excited. We're competing and trying to make each other better. We're learning each day how to practice, with pads and tops.

On if he'd been to San Bernardino:
I'd never been to San Bernardino. I'm not sure where it even is. We're out here somewhere.

On nuances about UCLA camp:
Everywhere you go its something different, whether you're with Coach Paterno, Coach Holgerson or Coach Mora here. There are just different thoughts and ideas. The key for us is we get it going fast. We don't ease in to anything.

On 4-3 over 3-4:
We do everything, multiple fronts on everything. We have to have a lot of tools in our package. Eventually we'll scale back. The younger guys are trying to figure out where they're supposed to go.

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