VIDEO: Aaron Sharp On Playing Receiver

Aug. 14 -- The quarterback-turned-receiver talks about becoming more comfortable in the new position...

Aaron Sharp:

On playing receiver:
It feels a lot better from the spring. I was working this summer on my route running and getting off the ball, being fluid. It feels a lot better.

On if route-running was the main focus:
I had to work on a lot of things. Working on being quick. I lost a little of that quarterback weight so I could move a little quicker. Route running was one of the main things.

On if he worked with anyone in particular:
Thomas Duarte, Tyler Scott. They do everything so smooth. I try to look at them, take some things from them and add them to my game. Look at other people like JP and Eldridge.

On playing some outside receiver:
They talked to me in summer about maybe putting me out there a couple of times. Right now, I'm just working on the Y.

On if he has good chemistry with any quarterbacks:
All of them. If anyone, Fafuel because he was on the scout team. But I have a good gel with all of the quarterbacks.

On if he considered moving back to quarterback with Asiantii Woulard's transfer:
They say if they need me, they'll let me know. Until then, I'll be at receiver.

On how the position switch has been:
It hasn't been that bad. There are definitely some things I need to work on. Some things that stand out on the field, you can tell I haven't been there. It hasn't been as bad a move for me.

On if he was disappointed with the move:
No. The main thing I wanted to do was contribute. Whatever that is at, I just want to contribute, play with my brothers and win a national championship.

On if he thought there would be a position move when he signed:
I wasn't thinking about it at the time, it happened later on.

On if he ever played receiver:
Last time I played receiver in a game was 7, but I had a feel for receiver.

On if playing quarterback has helped him at receiver:
Yeah, just learning the coverages. Running your routes, settle down. One thing you can do is know the quarterback progressions so you know when to get open.

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