VIDEO: Cameron Judge On Growing Comfort

Aug. 13 -- The outside linebacker talks about how much more comfortable he is this fall camp...

Cameron Judge:

On his comfort at outside linebacker:
I'm feeling comfortable now. The spring I was struggling with my plays. But I've been working with Scotty and feeling comfortable and it feels good.

On his offseason work:
Worked with Coach Alosi, he knows what he's doing. Working with him every day in the summer. I trusted what he had to say.

On his goals:
I definitely want to get in the rotation and get on the field and show the coaches they trust me. Control what I can control and let the rest take care of itself.

On how tough its been being a backup:
It hasn't really been that tough. I had to earn it, I wasn't expecting to start, over Anthony, EK, Myles. Our backers are like a family. We know who deserves to be out there. I'm trying to get out there this year.

On pass coverage:
I feel more comfortable and play off more routes. I can help others as well.

On special teams:
I'll definitely be on special teams, it's part of the game, I'm not about to leave it. I have no problem being on special teams.

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