UCLA's Kenny Young on Becoming a Leader

Aug. 14 -- The sophomore inside linebacker talks about growing as a leader in his second year...

Kenny Young:

On his new hairdo:
It makes you think smarter.

On coming in to camp:
Its a lot slower, I understand the schemes and defense better. The guys respect me. Just my role. Coach Mora recruited me to be a leader. I want to take it to another level. Difference between last year and this year.

On his pass coverage:
You study in the film room a lot and understand the schemes. With Coach Scott, we learn those things and get a feel for the game. It comes naturally to me. As a freshman, my drops weren't as good. It comes with time and I have to work at it.

On what he's done to work on it:
You see me outside before practice, working on my drops. I would stretch a lot at night, to take it seriously. Its about doing the little things and doing great.

On if he does yoga:
I haven't tried it but I have heard its pretty cool.

On stepping into Eric Kendricks shadow:
Again, it's not EK's shadow. What EK did, I'm not going to be able to do. He's had his legacy here. What I'll do is different. To say I'm the next EK, I'm not, I'm the first Kenny Young. I learned a lot from him. He's a great guy and I'm excited to watch him with the Vikings. I learned a lot from him. But I'm a new guy and new general.

On advice EK gave him:
To be yourself and don't try to do too much. To be consistent and stay in the playbook and take care of your body. He was always an hour early. I'll take care of my body and treat others how I want to be treated.

On how good the defense will be:
The defense will be as good as we want to be. We have the talent. We have the talent to get the job done. We push each other every day. Thats the main thing.

On if he enjoys being a leader:
Definitely, I have to. I'm the quartebrack of the defense. Come on guys, follow me. I like that stuff and being a mike linebacker. Thats what I was born to do and why Coach Mora recruited me.

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