UCLA's Kenny Clark on Brendel's Improvement

Aug. 15 -- The nose tackle talks about his practice adversary, center Jake Brendel...

Kenneth Clark:

On his offseason:
It was good. I gained about 5-10 pounds. I just worked hard. Coach Alosi did a good job preparing us in the offseason. I'm at 315.

On what he wanted to improve on:
Understanding pass rush, running schemes. Getting more acclimated and more violent with my hands. That is a big thing for me this year.

On if he watches any particular players:
I watch almost every team, defensive wise, almost every team that I possibly could, this summer and winter. I watched Utah, USC, Washington, everybody. Just watching and picking things up that I need to do or some things that work for other people. Study the game.

On Jake Brendel:
Jake got bigger too, heavier and stronger. We work every day. Its a battle. He's a good competitor and smart. He's good with his hands. He makes me better every day. Jake's the best center I've played so far. He's quick, he has good hands. He's strong. His level of how intelligent he is, no one matches it. Jake is a good competitor and his level of intelligence is unmatched. He's a major player and a leader on our team and he helps the young guys. We go against each other every day. He knows what I'm going to do. You can see it in the game, the stuff that he does.

On Tom Bradley:
I love Coach Bradley. He brings a lot of wisdom to our defense and to our players and helps the younger guys with how he teaches. That's what I love about him. He's been on me to learn what everyone around me is doing and thats what I'm trying to learn. He's always on us about that. I love Coach Bradley and what he's done for us.

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