UCLA's Eddie Vanderdoes Talks Offseason

Aug. 15 -- The defensive lineman talks about his offseason development...

Eddie Vanderdoes:

On his first healthy offseason:
It was great. I got my weight down from 330 to 300-305 range. I got down to 294, I don't like being that small so I got the weight up a little bit. Hopefully I stay healthy, that's the goal, but it was nice to get through the season. I ate right, took care of my body, did my workouts.

On if he felt like he had to play catch-up:
Always, even back to high school, baseball was always behind. I was always playing catch up but now I had an offseason in which I was healthy.

On the last time he was on the mound:
A couple years. I played catch a couple weeks ago.

On Takk McKinley:
He's doing good. He's improved since the spring. You can tell he's more comfortable. He's gotten a lot stronger, his hands are a lot better.

On if things clicked for McKinley during the season:
He came in late and had 2-3 sacks. Took me all season to get that. He's further along then me. He did well this offseason. He was like 225 last year and now he's like 245. Able to play with guys like Caleb and Connor.

On any new position spots this year:
I'm moving a lot, playing some 3, some 5, some head up, some 4i.

On the offensive line:
They're a lot more confident in what they're doing. You can see in their stance they're more down to earth in themselves. They're playing real well as a unit. They're playing a lot harder.

On Alex Redmond:
Alex is Alex, he's played like that since he got here. If he does extra stuff, I'll hit him. I don't get mad, that's Alex.

On Kenny Clark:
Experienced. He's really emphasized on working on his pass rush. I've seen a lot of improvement in him this offseason. He's added things to his tool kit and he's going to be unstoppable. He makes it a lot easier and he's back there disrupting things.

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