VIDEO: Angus McClure on UCLA's Defensive Line

Aug. 14 -- The defensive line coach talks about Rick Wade, Eddie Vanderdoes, and more...

Angus McClure:

On practice:
We're in full pads for first time. I thought our team played with energy and good technique. For the most part, we stayed on our feet. Some times things got sloppy but overall, it was a good day for the Bruins.

On the offensive line:
It is a competitive situation. Adrian and myself we have great depth right now and the four years I've been working with Adrian, this is the most group stuff we've done. We have enough bodies to do things like that. Its great for him and for us and we take advantage of not only talent but having numbers.

On how you smooth over meltdowns:
Well Coach Mora gave a great talk to the team and we'll keep that with the team. We'll handle that business with the team. Sometimes there are flareups and dustups and its really how you recover as a team and we expect the leadership to take care of it. Somebody threw some lighter fluid on it, there are no questions.

On Rick Wade:
He has improved every practice. He's done agreat job of getting in to the playbook, picking up the schemes. We have different techniques here and he's done a good job. I'm glad he's a Bruin because we didn't miss on him.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:
As his position coach, I notice it, especially in pass rush. He's more fluid, finishes better. On one-on-one's we put a real quarterback there. That way a guy moving around makes it tougher on our guys and will make them better. Seeing Eddie moving, he looks really good.

On Takk McKinley:
Takk has really made great strides in the weight room with Coach Alosi. He's all muscled up now. This is his first real camp. Last year he came in a 1/3 of the way through, so he didn't experience this. That's going to be good for him, getting with his teammates, eliminating distractions. If he can continue to put on muscle mass and keep his speed, we'll grow in that area.

On his hopes for the defensive line:
Our hope is that we can be the best defensive line we can be. And we certainly want to do that on the entire defense. We're not too concerned with individual accolades. Providing a defensive front and our DB's don't have to cover as well. I think we can be the best in the conference. We have the talent, the work ethic, the knowledge and we need to develop as a group. From top to bottom, this is the best. Right now, our second group is rolling against our offensive line. You're getting guys like Matt, Eli, Jacob, Najee, Ainuu and you add in a Rick Wade against the one's, they're getting great competition and seeing one of the best offensive lines in the conference if not the best.

On if there is a noticeable difference in the offensive line:
I've really seen the offensive line progress, year to year, week to week. The young offensve lineman we've brought in are very good. With that depth, the more depth you can get, your 2's and 3s are going to get better.

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