VIDEO: Kenny Lacy on UCLA OL Continuity

Aug. 14 -- The redshirt sophomore guard talks about having the same five guys five days in a row...

Kenny Lacy:

On the biggest difference with the offensive line:
I feel like we're older. We're growing, we're understanding what's asked of us, what's expected of us and we're doing our best to go out there and put it out on the field.

On running with the one's:
It's competition and you have to get better. If you're not competing at a high level, you're going to get beat and everyone is going to see it. You have to bring it every day and be mentally tough out here.

On the biggest improvement with the offense:
The biggest difference to me is we're older and we've been here for some years. Its not like we're all freshman, but the freshman we brought in are good. We're being mentors to them and we're just trying to be a good example for them and going out there and competing.

On how good the offensive line could be:
We should be the best offensive line in the Pac-12. That's our goal. Win the Pac-12 championship, the best offensive line in the Pac-12 and have our running back Paul Perkins lead the Pac-12 in running again. We have to be physical and dominate, work together, know assignments, which we do, go out and compete and do what's asked of us.

On having the offensive lineman continuity:
Since I've been here, its the first time. This is my third camp and there was a rotation every year. We have each other's back and that will help us.

On having Adrian Klemm back:
It's cool having Coach Klemm back. He brought us all here and was the reason we came here. That's a big part. He's a big help to us. He preaches that. This year, we're all older. Its more technique stuff and assignment stuff. The spring was good but its definitely better with him here because we play with more fire. We're more inspired to play for him than maybe a substitute coach.

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