Saturday Morning Practice Report

Aug. 15 -- It's a short and fairly uneventful practice, but some units are taking shape...

It was a very short an fairly uneventful practice Saturday morning, with the team not in pads, mostly going through situational walk-throughs.

With Ishmael Adams still on the sideline with an injured ankle, the kick-off returners are Mossi Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Jaleel Wadood, and Aaron Sharp, with Myles Jack also taking some reps.

Adams is working out and looks fine, and you’d have to expect him to be back fairly soon.

Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from fall camp so far is that the starting UCLA offensive line has been completely intact from the first practice until the sixth practice. We can’t remember a time when that was the case, but this year’s edition looks like it’s on a completely different level than any UCLA OL in recent memory.

In the situational drills, Jerry Neuheisel mostly ran the offense. The periods consisted mostly of two-minute situations. In one rep, when Neuheisel was supposed to throw the ball out of bounds, he threw it playfully at the video tower.

The main X and Z receiver rotation is starting to solidify – and that’s Jordan Payton, Devin Fuller, Eldridge Massington and Kenny Walker, with Jordan Lasley right there.

Freshman running back Sotonye Jamabo got a little more run with the offense in the situational and the team drills today, almost as if they were trying to give him a little attention.

On the day, the quarterbacks as a group looked fairly sharp. They were throwing strong balls in the Pat and Gos, and then were solid in the limited team periods. Rosen looked sharper than he had – but again it was a very limited workout.

Perhaps the two plays of the day were defensive pass break-ups, one by Tahaan Goodman and one by Dechaun Holiday. The offensive play of the day was a nice ball that Neuheisel dropped over the head of Colin Samuel into the hands of Alex Van Dyke.

There really aren’t many positional competitions happening. We thought the primary one would be outside linebacker, but Aaron Wallace doesn’t really look too threatened at this point.

The second string secondary is shaping up into corners Denzel Fisher and Johnny Johnson, and safeties Goodman and Adarius Pickett.

There wasn’t really any fall-out from the Myles Jack meltdown Friday. The team went on like nothing happened, and Jack didn’t look phased.

There have been rumors that running back Craig Lee had decided to quit the football team, but those rumors are unfounded. Lee is still putting in academic work to be able to join the team when it returns to campus in two weeks.

The second Saturday practice has been changed to 6:30 p.m.

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