VIDEO: Massington on Hoops Helping Blocking

Aug. 15 -- The wide receiver Eldridge Massington says he posts up UCLA's Tony Parker regularly in pick-up games...

Eldridge Massington talked after Saturday morning's practice. On talking with Brett Hundley:
Almost every day. Right after his game, he sent a picture. He was excited.

On the quarterback competition:
I think its fun to watch them compete. They're trying to step in the role to learn how to be the guy and take the spot.

On the receivers waiting for a decision:
We just play and go out there with whoever.

On what he wants to see from the starter:
I want to see them take control. They all do a good job taking control with poise and confidence.

On the receiver competition:
We go out there and compete every day. Its not a competition amongst us, but against the DBs.

On what he's trying to add to his game:
My blocking, I want to work on that, that's my main focus, I feel I could have done much better.

On the DB's:
I think we have the best DB's in the country. Going up against them, the games are easy.

On the younger guys:
They're tall and big. DeChaun Holiday and Colin Samuel, they're bigger than me. They're some big corners.

On having bigger corners now:
I have to be more physical and in my technique against bigger corners. Against small corners, I use my size, but now I have to use my technique.

On the toughest corner he's gone up against:
All are good, but Fabian and Marcus are the best corners I've gone up against.

On if he has a bigger role with Devin Lucien gone:
Even if he was here, I still feel like I'd be used. I do what I'm supposed to do, run my routes and get open.

On what he worked on in the offseason to improve blocking:
I watched a lot of film, looked at what it was that was messing me up and got in to the playbook more. I talked to Coach Yarbs and he helped me out a lot. Dropped a lot of weight, treating it like i'm playing basketball. I play a lot more basketball.

On playing basketball:
I play basketball to help me as a receiver. It correllates. I go in to Wooden. I kill them all. I'm like Charles Barkley in the paint. Tony Parker, those guys are in there. I talk mess to Tony Parker every day. I'm more an inside guy. I like being in the paint. I post him up and dunk on him now and then. I play big in the paint. I told you, I'm like Charles Barkley.

On if Tony Parker will respond:
I think he will.

On Eric Yarber:
All of my development comes from Coach Yarbs. Everything I've learned was from trusting him. Without him I wouldn't be the type of receiver I am. He's the best receiver coach in college football. I've met a lot of receivers coaches. A lot of guys come back to talk to Coach Yarbs. That speaks to it.

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