VIDEO: McDermott on Transformation, Jack

Aug. 16 -- Left tackle Conor McDermott talks about his emergence and the dust-up with Myles Jack...

Left tackle Conor McDermott talked after Saturday morning's practice.

On his time at UCLA:
I was at 245-250. I was a tight end in high school and was trying to transition into tackle and the offensive line and gaining weight.

On if there were any struggles:
There are always some ups and downs, but a great coaching staff, Coach Klemm helped me 100% of the way and Coach Alosi's program helped me put on 60 pounds.

On if there is a benefit of being a tight end formerly:
I think there is. I'm used to running routes. I feel like I still could this day and keep my feet good and keep that same speed from when I was a tight end and catch rushers.

On being a basketball player in high school:
That was one of my main sports. The sheer competition of basketball and the agility of playing in the post and power forward. There are a lot of similarities.

On the upcoming season:
I'm very excited. I feel great and my shoulder feels great. Its going to be a great year for us.

On continuity on the offensive line:
Just being out there with each other and having the same person next to you, and knowing they'll be there for you every day in the hot sun.

On playing next to Kenny Lacy:
The more you play next to someone, the more familiar you get. We're getting closer and closer and the bond is tighter.

On having Adrian Klemm back:
The drills we do and the technique and that voice in your heard, its been great.

On his scrap with Myles Jack:
It was our first full padded practice- it was hot out there, we're both competitive players. We moved forward and we're great friends. We moved on right away after. It was the heat of the moment and competitiveness of the day.

On potentially jumping to the NFL:
Its always in the back of my mind but I just want to focus on my technique and physicality each day. If that is a consideration at the end of the season, we'll see. But I'll take it one day at a time.

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