VIDEO: Taylor Mazzone on UCLA Quarterbacks

Aug. 15 -- The quarterbacks coach talks about the competition through week one of fall camp...

Taylor Mazzone after the seventh practice in San Bernardino:

On the quarterback rotation:
Oour 7th practice right there, we're trying to equal out the reps. Each guy had an equal rep. The plan set out is looking good, later on after this weekend, we'll narrow it down from there.

On if that could be down to two on Monday:
Alll three have done good and had a helluva camp. We still need to see more from them. Understand that nothing is given. It was great to have gamelike situations like tonight- overtime, red zone. I'd like to see more team redzone.

On dealing with the pressure from the defense:
We're trying to find the guy back there. Our o-line and receiver corps is the best its been. We're going to get pressure. Coach Bradley and that defense is fun to play against every day.

On if there is a point where its difficult to rep three guys:
You have to be smart about it. If you have a gut feeling about it, you want to make sure he gets a quality look. Right now, the science behind what we're doing is working out perfectly.

On how Josh Rosen is handling it:
He's already had 15 practices so he understands the communication standpoint. Its his first time at San Bernardino so he's getting the desert love right now, but he's done a great job keeping his composure and meshing with the seniors.

On Mike Fafaul:
He's been here for three years so if you asked about him two years ago, every quarterback knew about him. We all knew who he was from day one. He was a gunslinger. He knows the offense like the back of his hand. A kid who knows how important it is to be competing every day.

On the importance of narrowing reps:
Coach Noel and Coach Mora have a grasp of that, I'm just coaching these guys and getting them ready for each day.

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