VIDEO: Nate Starks on Development

Aug. 16 -- The sophomore running back Nate Starks talks about his second fall camp, his body change, and more...

UCLA sophomore running back Nate Starks talked Saturday from San Bernardino.

On camp so far:
I feel a lot different. Coach Alosi putting us through the off-season program, its night and day. I feel a lot faster and the game is slowing down. I haven't really lost weight but dropped body fat and turned it into muscle. I think I'm a different player. I really want to come out and contribute. I'm around 200 pounds. I feel a lot more explosive and faster and a feel a lot better.

On Sal Alosi:
He's a big strength and condititioning guy. He's about staying healthy and taking care of our body.

On what he's able to do now:
I feel like I can read defenses a lot better and see things a lot faster and see where linebackers are going. Feeling better as a running back. I spent a lot of time with Paul Perkins. He's my mentor and my number one guy. He's going to be out of here soon and I'm the next guy up. That's my guy. Our running backs, we're a really close group with Coach P. We like to learn. We're ready for this year.

On the influence of Kennedy Polamalu:
He's a great coach and knows the game inside and out. I think thats the main reason its slowed down and that's because I know what everyone is doing on the field.

On if Paul Perkins could leave early:
Paul is the man. I'm thinking so.

On the freshman running backs:
I love them, Soso and Bolu bring a lot of energy to our group. They have a great mindset. Everyone is buying in to it and we can't wait to get it started. I remember what it was like being a freshman, its not easy coming to a camp like this. You keep learning and pushing.

On how his skills complement Paul Perkins:
I think we just have a lot of the same vision when it comes to holes and ride the waves and hit back doors. We're two different running backs. I learn a lot from him because he knows a lot about the game.

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