VIDEO: Tahaan Goodman on Expanded Role

Aug. 17 -- The UCLA veteran safety Tahaan Goodman talks about getting more serious and the results...

Junior safety Tahaan Goodman talked Saturday from practice in San Bernardino.

On what he's doing differently this camp:
I'm taking care of my body more and coming out every day, well prepared to give everything that I can. I changed my diet and workouts. Better techniques. Getting the stuff right.

On if he feels better:
I feel much better. Each of the things I worked at, I feel much better.

On what he did in offseason:
Overall, speed, change of direction, everything a safety needs to be good, that's what I worked on. I continued to build on that. Going over film, looking at coverages and reading offenses.

On Priest Willis:
When we got here, he was a big part, while we were here together, but now that he's gone, its work and do what you have to do. I haven't talked to him so far.

On if he thought he'd carve out a starting role earlier:
I did but I just go where God directs me, but I work hard and worry about the stuff I need to worry about.

On specifics he worked on:
I really wanted to work on everything overall.

On the influence of Demetrice Martin:
He's a good influence of the development of me being here. A lot of players train coaches, but having the same coach with good information has benefitted me. He wants me to be overall better, a better player.

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