VIDEO: Mossi Johnson on Becoming Starter

Aug. 16 -- The sophomore receiver Mossi Johnson said he's now becoming a student of the game, studying opponents for weaknesses...

UCLA sophomore receiver Mossi Johnson talked after practice this weekend in San Bernardino.

On camp so far:
Everything is going well, I'm happy to be back out here with my team.

On how he's doing:
I'm getting the hang of it, learning the tempo and teaching the guys underneath. Hopefully the offense, I want them to depend on me

On if the offense will use him more:
As of now, we're running our basic offense. Whatever they do, I'm down with whatever.

On where he is physically:
I've gotten more comfortable and moving way faster. Picked up some tendencies. When I see player personnel, I know exactly what they're doing.

On his knee:
Last year I was at like 80% and now I feel like its 100%. I'm getting there.

On kickoff return:
Anything I can do to make a play. My coach stressed to me to make a play. Make plays, that's what offensive players do is make play.

On the quarterbacks:
They all have different ways they do things, so its be in the right place at the right time and they'll get you the rock. I just do what I have to do.

On if he feels like he's due for a breakout season:
We'll find out the Virginia game if its a breakout season.

On catching passes from a true freshman:
He throws like he's hear. He throws to the same spot. He throws a good ball, I catch a good ball. There is no difference.

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