VIDEO: Coach Scott White on his Linebackers

Aug. 17 -- The coach talks about the Myles Jack incident, and the development of his younger players...

UCLA linebackers coach Scott White talked after the Monday morning practice.

On the linebackers as a group:
They've been great. I'm pleased with where we're at. I didn't like it too much this morning, I had to prod them to get them going, but for the most part, we have some quality depth. I like the two young freshman we have and I like where we're at so far.

On if its tougher with two-a-days:
Not so much their focus, but keeping their energy level up. We have to keep them out of survival mode.

On approaching his new job:
Treat every day like its your first. Its a lot of what we've been doing. Staying urgent, never getting comfortable or being satisfied.

On the freshman:
Keisean is doing a fantastic job, we have to get him stronger and get his weight up. There are times he flashes and you're like 'dang, that's AB". He's showing that potential. Josh Woods is another guy who's a versatile linebacker- we have to continue to get him to assert himself. We've got a lot going with him. We've thrown a lot at him.

On Cameron Griffin:
With him, its just applying coaching. I tell him to have a different coaching point. Football is still a new game for him so we're getting him acclimated.

On the transition for Griffin from rugby to football:
I think the big thing for him is just diagnosis and recognition. A lot of that stuff at the line of scrimmage happens right now, so recognition is what we're working on with him.

On Myles Jack as a returner:
It's something that we're toying with right now, but I don't anticipate it being something we'll go forward with. I really like Stephen Johnson back there and Mossi, they're surehanded back there, so Myles will probably be out of it.

On what he looks for in a return man:
Ball security that's the main thing, that's why we've got Mossi back there. At the same time, someone explosive enough and dynamic to put their foot in the ground to hit it.

On Myles Jack's outburst last week:
We had a nice conversation inside. Just having him understand who he is and the example he sets. He's a 19-year old kid, who got in the heat of the moment. He came back the next day with a great demeanor. He's done a great job.

On Kenny Orjioke:
Right now, we're trying to increase his work capacity. He's done a great job bouncing back and working on the knee. He has to continue to progress and get stronger and stronger.

On Aaron Wallace:
Aaron is doing fantastic, he really is. We have to work on coverage concepts, but overall, he's been a steady Eddie. The biggest thing with Aaron has never been a talent or ability, but a greater sense of urgency. He's laid back, has the nickname sleepy. For him to take a step back from football and on the outside watching, and for him to come back, he has a greater sense of urgency.

On who's taking Eric Kendricks' leadership role:
I would say Myles has done a great job, Deon Hollins has really jumped out there and Kenny Young. None of those guys are really vocal like Eric was, but the younger guys are watching them.

On Deon Hollins on Monday:
His back got a little tight so we want to keep him fresh and monitor him.

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