UCLA's Fred Ulu-Perry on Jumping In

Aug. 17 -- True freshman offensive lineman Fred Ulu-Perry talks bout playing center and guard, and getting used to the difference in speed and strength on this level...

Freshman offensive lineman Fred Ulu-Perry talked to us after practice.

On his first week in camp:
It went great. I'm trying to get used to the speed and strength. Everyone here is big and can move- that's the difference from high school. But I feel like I came in prepared. Its gone good but I need it to be great. I came in with the mindset that I want to start. I'm listening to Coach Klemm, going full speed. I'm getting the hang of it.

On if he'll play strictly center:
Just this morning, Coach Klemm said he's going to start throwing me in with the one's. I've never played center since the 8th grade, so it was a big transition, but now I'm going to play left guard and be in there with the first string so now I'll get reps with center and left guard.

On his comfort level at center:
I'm starting to get used to it. Center is a whole other thing. You have to snap, make the calls. Its a challenge and I'm always up for the challenge.

On his struggles snapping:
It was my first day as a center since 8th grade so I had a little trouble with that, but I'm coming out early and working on my snaps. Before I came out here, they said center or guard. Ideally, this will be Jake's last year so I'll end up taking over.

On playing defensive tackle:
If there is a special package, I would be down for that, just being on the defensive side, I love o-line and take pride in it.

On what he's learned from Jake Brendel:
He's a mean guy, obviously, but he's smart and quick. He knows what he's doing. I'm learning a lot from him. How to make calls, what triggers what, huddle calls. He's helping me.

On where he wants to play down the line:
Down the line, ideally, center. I want to be that guy. That's the bull of a team, or on the offensive side. That's the leader, that's the quarterback.

On dealing with the defensive line:
I have seen this from where I came from, guys like Canton Kaumatule and Breiden Fehoko, going against them, it's no different. The speed didn't catch me off guard.

On if he's happy how he's holding up strength-wise:
I feel good, but I want to be the strongest guy out there.

On the summer session:
It helped me a lot. I take pride with the weight room, working on my technique. You have to do it even when you don't want to.

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