Najee Toran Still Converting from OL to DL

Aug. 19 -- The former OL Najee Toran said he's still learning DL, but it's starting to feel comfortable...

Redshirt freshman Najee Toran answered questions after practice.

On playing on the defensive line:
I feel good, I had the spring under my belt so now I try to get ready for the season.

On what he felt he needed to learn most:
I had to learn everything. I hadn't done it since my freshman year, so I had to learn everything. I'm still messing up and learning, there is nothing really nailed down.

On who he worked with:
I worked with Kenny and Eddie. I worked with everybody. You want to get better, you've been doing it longer than me, so I'll work with anybody.

On if he likes defense:
I love it. As long as I get to hit somebody, it doesn't matter.

On his physical transformation:
I'm less than what I weighed when I got here. I'm 270. I went down. Nothing really changed. If I'm able to play at the weight I'm at, then I'm good. As long as I'm comfortable and can move, I'm ok.

On his goals this year:
Get on the field and play and hit the guy with the ball in his hand.

On what the coaches have told him:
Just keep getting better. Nothing specifically, just keep getting better. You have to learn everything. Nothing really specific. You keep getting better, anything can happen.

On Angus McClure:
He can teach you what they're doing. He can teach you so much because he's got both sides.

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