VIDEO: Adrian Klemm on UCLA OL

Aug. 17 -- The offensive line coach talks about being back and who's impressed him so far...

Adrian Klemm:

On being back out coaching:
It feels good. It feels good to be around the guys. I'm excited to be back and to get back to work.

On if anyone has opened his eyes:
A number of guys have made dramatic body transformations. Sal's done a great job with the guys. We've been talking about it for the last couple of years, the maturation process and they're coming into their own and you're seeing the results of that.

On the NCAA:
I'm not allowed to talk about that.

On being away from the team:
This is my job, its my livelihood. In addition, I have friends on the staff and I recruited most of the guys along with some other key guys. It was hard to be away. I'm just happy to be back and to get back to work and to keep things going.

On if he feels like they have quality depth:
We still have a little way to go. You saw what happened today. Its a work in progress. We're getting better every day and we'll keep working at it and I think we'll have a pretty good unit.

On what he likes about Fred Ulu-Perry:
Everything. On snapping, you're talking about a kid who's not done it before. What we do is unique. He's learning on the run. Things will slow down. He's embraced everything. The snaps are getting better. He doesn't care where he plays, he just wants to play. His level of strength, there hasn't been much of a transition. He came in strong. I'm really pleased with him. His level of maturity for someone his age, he's a workhorse. It really helps us and getting us more depth.

On Caleb Benenoch:
A lot of people make big deals about injuries. Scotty came in with two shoulders into the season, but we weren't in a position to redshirt him. We wanted to redshirt him two seasons in a row. He's done a great job. Caleb came in, had the option to sit out and have surgery in camp, he chose to finish out the season because we needed it. We don't make a big deal of it. I'm proud of it. He and Scotty had surgery right after the season was over. I think everyone agreed we were all pretty grateful for them pushing through to help the team.

On having a quarterback who isn't the runner Brett Hundley was:
You know, I'm not a quarterback coach, but as we grow as a team, every one gets older, the offense is constantly adding to us. The more people grasp it, the overall will make us better. That's what's going on. For two years, we were one of the younger teams in college football. Its not about the numbers. They've been through the fire. We focus on other positions as well. Our guys learn things on the run. They see things other teams don't see. And to see things going forward, it will benefit them. I've seen Jerry play and have the utmost confidence in him and if its Josh, Taylor and Noel will get him prepared and if its Fafaul, the same thing. I have a tremendous amount of respect for our offensive coaches and I know whoever is there will be prepared and ready to go.

On if the three quarterback rotation makes it difficult:
We have enough stuff to worry about. That's our focus point, living with our mental errors and getting after it.

On Kenny Lacy:
His consistency, we've seen Kenny do good things. He's learning. His primary position in high school was defensive line, but his projected position was offensive line. He's learning. And as he learns more, he'll recognize things pre-snap and that will help him out a lot.

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