VIDEO: Jayon Brown On His Versatility

Aug. 18 -- The UCLA linebacker talks about how Eric Kendricks is his role model and mentor...

Junior linebacker Jayon Brown answered questions in San Bernardino.

On being back in San Bernardino:
It's my third year out here and it's not getting any cooler. It's cool out here though, we're having a good week in camp.

On what he wanted to work on in offseason:
This offseason, I wanted to work on getting bigger, stronger, faster and leaner. Getting better on my coverage abilities, study more film. I think its going good so far. I don't want to toot my own horn. It's going good, I have to stay consistent and keep fighting through these hot days.

On if he watches any particular players:
I like watching EK's film because we have similar body types. We play similar. I like watching him and how he attacked. He's a playmaker. I want to be as good as him or better.

On if he and Kendricks keep in touch:
Yes. I see that sack he did the other day.

On the linebacker unit as a whole:
It's good. Everybody is good. We have a lot depth in our linebacker room. We're learning from each other and feeding each other. We're the best unit in the country.

On if he likes inside or outside:
Inside. I like to show my muscles.

On if he offers a unique ability because he can cover:
I feel like when I come on, you have to worry about me at nickel. I can also stop the run. I'm the total package at linebacker.

On Tom Bradley's different looks increases opportunity:
Yeah, we have our base and nickel, and wherever you need me to fill in, I'm ready to take it on.

On special teams:
I'll get back on there. I'll try to do it all this year.

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