VIDEO: UCLA's Jim Mora on Tuesday

Aug. 18 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked about injured offensive tackle Conor McDermott, the increased defensive pressure, and more...

UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked after Tuesday's practice.

Opening statement:
Friday we'll have a scrimmage and split the teams up. Our guys will stay around and sign autographs. Saturday, we'll move Fan Appreciation up to 9:30 and have something special planned for that. We've had another series of good practice and made a ton of progress. I haven't been around a team at UCLA that understands how to compete with intensity and passion and violence in pads that they do and still take care of each other in a professional sense and shows maturity. Building on spring, I told you we didn't really have a bad practice. I think the only practcie out here that wasn't to our standards was the first practice. The tempo has been where we want it. The first week we tried to snap the ball to 25-30, this week to 20 and next week to 15 and that's how we're acclimating to the tempo. I'm really excited about where we are. We've changed the way we've handled the kicking game. Sometimes it's unfair to Ka'imi to have him kick eight field goals in a row, that doesn't happen in a game. We changed it up and he hit three in a row to end practice. I like what they're doing and their attitude and it is fun to being around them.

On naming a starting quarterback:
We are no closer. There is nothing on the horizon with regards to the quarterback position. I'm waiting to see someone win the job. A whole host of things. 24 hours a day, they're graded on things. They're close, very very close.

On Connor McDermott:
He's getting an MRI. The feeling is that its not very serious. He may be back out here tomorrow. We just want to be very careful. He's at UCLA getting an MRI. He has no swelling and very little pain. He felt a tiny little pain but no swelling or pain.

On Jake Brendel:
He tweaked his calf a little. He's day to day.

On Alex Redmond:
He was here yesterday. He has no injuries.

On Josh Rosen since spring:
He's able to handle the speed of this game and mentally capable of handling schemes and coverages. He just makes progress every day. He goes against good defenses every day. We're bringing a lot of heat. They're having to earn the completitions. I would rather have them sort it out here in San Bernardino. Josh is a very smart young man and has a high aptitude for this game.

On if they've brought more defensive pressure in camp:
Yes, much more. Its fits our profile. We have guys who can come downhill and hit it like Myles, Kenny Young, Aaron Wallace and Deon Hollins. Less of the defensive backs stuff and more just straight at ya, which helps us in the run game and I think they like it. It does make it hard on the young quarterbacks, the inexperienced quarterbacks. You feel comfortable with it. There is some give and take but if you're not in the right gap, its ugly.

On how much of its personnel or Bradley:
It's both, its a combination. We've always had pressures but not always had the guys that had the mindset or physical attributes to bring it. Everyone is built to do something different. Kenny Young is a downhill player. You just want to take advantage of that.

On Ishmael Adams at the nickel:
That's all he ever played for us. He's settled in to it pretty well.

On Tevita Halalilo:
He got knocked in the head the other day, took a pretty good shot. Interestingly, we had the helmet sensor in and we were able to record the impact. He's making progress in the concussion protocol. The step is to ride the bike. We're always going to err on the side of caution. He was making progress. You saw what we did today with Jake out. We put Alex at center and put Fred Ulu-Perry at right guard. Fred has been one of the more impressive freshman in camp, heck one of the more impressive players and he's going to be special. It's going to be hard to break that starting lineup. He can play center or guard and Alex can play center or guard as well.

On Kolton Miller:
He looks good. He's a talented guy. He's 6-7, 8, 9, can bend. The really only thing he lacks is experience. He has a lot of confidence right now. Maybe it's a little bit of a blessing here working with the one's. And if Connor has anything, we're going to hold him and that will give the guys a chance.

On Bolu Olorunfunmi:
It's nothing serious. It's his ankle. He's not really limping a lot, but when he cuts, its bothering him a little.

On Steven Manfro:
He had the surgery to shave his meniscus. He's at school and doing fine. He'll hopefully be back for Virginia.

On Adarius Pickett:
He's a DB and he's better on defense than offense. If he moved to offense, he'd be the 6th back. We've got good backs, you talk about Perkins, Starks, Bolu, Soso, Manfro, Roosevelt Davis and Craig Lee will be back when we get to campus. So we've got a really good backfield.

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