VIDEO: Josh Rosen on UCLA QB Competition

Aug. 18 -- The freshman talks about what he's learned in camp and the biggest adjustments...

Josh Rosen talks about what he's learned in the first week of fall camp, and how he feels the competition is going:

On the quarterback race:
I feel like it's going well. I think everyone is doing really well. Practices are efficient.

On dealing with defensive pressure:
It helps a lot. With the entire group, we're inexperienced so teams will pressure us to see how we react, so its good to get it now.

On what he learned the first week:
Nothing outstsnding that I didn't know, just that I need to get better at everything because everyone is better at everything.

On what he feels he's done well:
Executing the coaches plan.

On how hungry he is:
Very. As a team and as an individual. We're working towards the goal of winning a national championship, Rose Bowl, or however the bowl system works.

On if the quarterbacks are antsy at this point in the race:
Yeah, naturally. I'm actually very happy at how sort of friendly we all are. We hang out outside of football and there is no animosity towards each other.

On if that surprised:
Actually, kind of. No one is getting fake smiles and then talking about you behind your back. Everyone in the quarterback room is serious and funny at the same time. We're in there for a long time. Its nice to lighten the mood and when there is no animosity, it helps. Especially in the dog days like this.

On self-scouting:
I think I need to keep up consistency. Sometimes I'll get the same play and do two different things. I need to learn how to calm down and control my emotions, not try to be the hero. We have a good team, so let them do their thing. Let Paul and the backs do their thing, let JP and the receivers do their thing.

On if that's a tough thing to do:
Not exactly, because at St. John Bosco, people don't realize I really only threw about 20-25 times, we had an efficient running game. I had a surprising amount of freedom to check between plays.

On if the system is similar to Bosco:
There are certain emphasis on certain things. Every spread offense and pro style offense runs the same exact plays. A prostyle offense runs the same exact plays. Offense in football is the same thing, you just do it differently.

On being called J-Chosen:
They're just messing with me. Myles tries to have conversations with me across the line of scrimmage. People heckling me to respond. Myles tries to have a legitimate conversation with me. "Hey Josh, what's up?" I find it kind of helpful. One of the beneficial things I got in high school was Naijiel Hale and Jaleel Wadood would heckle me in practice, it helps me here.

On if he can tune it out:
Yeah. You have to snap the ball when you're at the line of scrimmage.

On what he's learned from Jordan Payton:
In general yes, from rooming, not much. I've learned how to handle myself in certain situations which has helped me out a ton. He's one of the most mature guys on the team.

On if he's dealing with freshman treatment:
Not exactly. I was really surprised with how cool everyone was. And my initation came in the winter, but all the other freshman coming in, everyone has been really cool and treating them like equals. This team is very very tight. When we break out with family, it means family.

On being a senior freshman:
It's cool. It came in handy most at first, with helping get guys to class. It adds that level of confidence. I can help them out and help them move around and not get yelled at.

On if he's thought about not winning the job:
You don't really think about the job, you think about what coach says. You can't think about that, its like getting caught in trap games. Right now, I'm conducting an interview and I'm thinking about that.

On the ice baths:
It's definitely helped save our entire team. We couldn't last out here without Coach Alosi.

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