VIDEO: Jordan Payton Talks QB Competition

Aug. 18 -- UCLA wide receiver Jordan Payton gives his thoughts on the UCLA quarterback competition...

Jordan Payton talked after practice on Tuesday about the UCLA quarterback competition:

On the quarterback situation:
Its a cool battle. I can't be the one to tell you. They've been playing so well. I love what they're doing.They've been really getting after it. Even in meetings, they go back and forth. Its a cool battle and I'm excited to see it.

On rooming with Josh Rosen:
It's pretty cool. Teaching him the ropes, the little wins, the little successes. Showing him around, hanging with him and getting used to the San Bernardino life.

On advice he's given Rosen:
Stay focused, be calm and just play. I think he embodies that. Today, 3rd and 3, he throws a streak, 18 seconds left, and he's going for it. Cool, calm and collected.

On if Rosen has bad roommate habits:
Its only San Bernardino, from 10 to 7 in the morning. I go straight to my room and shut the door. I woke up this morning and his mom made us all gluten free cookies, so I guess thats a plus.

On if any young corners have stood out:
They're all playing well. Meadors, I saw him in the spring. Octavious and Will Lockett are playing well. DeChaun Holiday, we think he's going to pretty good. Its cool to see them grow up and compete over there. Its nice to see fresh faces getting after it.

On if the defense is more physical:
They always get after it, playing with that chip on their shoulder. We're recruiting those kinds of guys. That's what we're bringing in here. Coach Bradley and Coach Meat, that's how they coach. Coach White too. Its constant. We respect that.

On the biggest strides by Rosen:
Learning the offense in three days. That's pretty impressive. He understands all the concepts, now its just timing and rhythm and throws. You saw with the fade, it was timing that we missed it. But he's made big strides.

On if that's just trust between the quarterback and receivers:
Pretty much. For him, just knowing where we'll be.

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