VIDEO: Soso Jamabo on College So Far

Aug. 19 -- The nation's #1-ranked running back for 2015 talks about the transition, and his incident a few months ago...

Sotonye Jamabo, the freshman running back, talks about his fall camp experience after practice, and comments on his incident a few months ago.

On camp so far:
It's going well. A huge learning curve, just trying to get through it. Its definitely a huge transition from high school. But I think I'm doing pretty well. Coach KP is the best coach I've been around in my lifetime. I'm enjoying it and having fun and getting through the process.

On what KP has stressed:
A lot of it is pass blocking, so that's what I'm trying to deal with. Really learning the basics of the game, and starting to get more in depth and getting my pad level down is important.

On if he's set at running back:
Right now I'm set at running back. There might be some special teams, but as far as position, its running back.

On if he's starting to get it:
I'm staying above water. At first, they throw you in a 20-foot pool and you're drowning, but as far as getting it, I think I'm doing a pretty good job. A lot of players are helping me adjust. Paul Perkins is a helluva leader, I'm glad I'm under him, he takes us under his wing. I think I'm doing pretty well getting past the learning curve.

On if he sees himself as a running back:
That's where I want to be. If the future holds something different, who knows, but as of right now, I'm a running back and that's where I want to be.

On if pad level is the biggest transition for him:
Oh yes, that's a huge process. That's what they stress to me is pad level. Its going to take time and I have to keep working it. When I get really with it, I think I'll be good.

On Coach Mora:
He laid in to a couple people today, he stays on me. When I learn to keep my pad level down consistently, I'll be pretty good.

On how players respond when Mora does that:
I think guys have gotten used to it. Its not about the performer, its about the performance. So we just keep on moving.

On what he learned from his prom incident:
Immaturity. I'm in college now, and trying to get a level of maturity, through all this. These trials, from camp, I've matured a lot. I'll become a better person from it. I'm just happy its in the past for me, I can have it behind me. None of my players and teammates look at me any different.

On what Mora told him:
Just be smart, be more focused. I'm on a platform, so you have to make smarter choices. In the future, I'll definitely make a lot more smarter choices. I was definitely in contact and didn't miss a beat with them.

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