VIDEO: UCLA OC Noel Mazzone on QBs, WRs

Aug. 19 -- UCLA's offensive coordinator talked about Josh Rosen and his versatile receivers group...

Noel Mazzone talked to the media Wednesday.

On his quarterback:
I want to get it out there right now, yes, I used a little Just for Men. The kids said it took 10 years off me. Now, eight interceptions today put it back on.

On Josh Rosen:
It was a good practice, competitive. Now we're in situational football, a lot more is going through his mind except just running a play on a script. All the quarterbacks. They're getting different situations, red zone, 3rd down, 4th and 1. I thought it was great learning for us and they did a great job and I'm excited.

On if Rosen is showing arm fatigue:
They all have. Receivers are showing a little leg fatigue. Same song, different day. Sal and those guys have done a great job getting those guys ready for camp though. They've been pretty spot on as far as their conditioning. Their arms a little tired, but they should be.

On Bolu Olorunfunmi:
I like him, I like Soso, I like 23, 24, all those guys back there.

On the options the receivers present:
Its kind of cool because the part now is finding all their roles. They only let us play with one football so now the key is we have the ability to distribute the ball. This offense is built this way. We've never been an offense that had one receiver with 112 catches and 20 for everyone else. Historically in this offense, there have always been 5-6 guys who had 35-40 catches. What it lets us do is get in some different formations and different looks for the defense.

On Austin Roberts:
He's another big guy. That whole group, with the older guys how they practice, they get a chance to see and emulate what the older kids are doing so they've stepped right up. I think he gets better on (his knee) every day. I just see how he runs and he's gaining confidence and its not giving him any issues.

On how much he was sweating Connor McDermott's MRI:
Why do you think I use just for men? I thought I might have to get a bartending job.

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