VIDEO: Deon Hollins on the D's Many Looks

Aug. 19 -- UCLA's pass-rushing linebacker talked about the increased pressure UCLA's D will bring this year...

Deon Hollins talked after practice.

On becoming an old hat:
Its been great work so far. This is my third one. Its been pretty good.

On what Tom Bradley has given this fall from spring:
A lot of multiple looks, different coverages. He's put a lot on us but we're picking it up well. Coach Bradley wants to challenge us. We might not execute the play like he likes, so we come out and perfect it.

On Bradley's personality:
When he came and we heard about the hire, everyone was iffy because he came from the East Coast. He comes from a regimented program. Its so surprising because he's a down to earth guy, with a sense of humor and he's a great coach.

On the different pressures:
One of Coach Bradley's things is confusion- we're going to confuse people and beat people- he likes to say that a lot. That's one thing we didn't do previously, send a lot of pressure and I think its going to pay huge dividends.

On how he's built on the second half of last season:
The first half of the season last year, I was kind of iffy, I just wanted to do my job and can't mess up. The second half, Coach Brick and Coach White said 'just go play your game'. I internalized that. That's when I could play how I envisioned myself. Its sort of the same this year, I have way more freedom this year and that's saying a lot.

On UCLA's offensive tackles:
Caleb and McDermott are both NFL guys. Iron sharpens iron. Its definitely been a great challenge.

On if it will be easier in games:
Absolutely. Its going to be a ton easier. Just from watching Caleb on film, he's made a bunch of huge strides. He's like an NFL guy. Its going to help me a lot. He's definitely, in terms of improved players, he's the most improved player. You have to work against him a little bit.

On working against non-running QBs:
It definitely presents a different challenge. You're thinking more contained. Getting on the edge of a defense is when the problems start. You have to be more mindful. Losing contain when they step in the pocket, it could be bad.

On dropping into coverage more:
Oh yeah, Coach Bradley brought into the scheme, confusing people, with me, using me as a wild card. I've been working with Myles and Scott White on film study.

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