VIDEO: Demetrice Martin on His DBs

Aug. 19 -- The UCLA secondary coach Demetrice Martin sees the young talent but also their mistakes...

On the DB's so far:
I feel pretty good right now, we're getting better everyday.

On DeChaun Holiday and Colin Samuel:
A lot of young mistakes, freshman stuff. Getting better every day. Same scheme, same techniques. A little bit of different patterns. We recruit guys to fit in what we need to do.

On the biggest growth in Marcus Rios:

On how spring benefitted Nathan Meadors:
Tremendously. He's still making a lot of freshman mistakes too but he's getting better every day.

On where Rios is at in the last year:
He's at a good place right now.

On if his corners size help:
Its what everybody covets. You'd rather have size than not.

On what stands out about DeChaun Holiday:
He doesn't panic like most freshman do. He has a sense of calmness about himself.

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