VIDEO: Jaleel Wadood On Safety Bonding

Aug. 20 -- UCLA's sophomore starter, Jaleel Wadood, talks about the closeness he has with the other starting safeties, Ishmael Adams and Randall Goforth...

Jaleel Wadood talked to us from fall camp in San Bernardino.

On his second camp:
Its real fun. Its always good to get away with the team and get some good team bonding before the season begins. It brings us together in a different aspect other than football. Being around these guys for two weeks straight, in a different environment, you get to learn about people.

On if its a little easier this year:
The weather isn't that bad, it was hot last year, but that doesn't really affect us. The game has gotten easy now that I'm not a freshman. I can just do my job.

On the relationship with the other DB's:
I hang with those guys on and off the field. They're more than teammates to me, we're like brothers. Us hanging out so much off the field, it helps us on the field. Knowing I can count on Ish to have my back or Randall to have my back, it helps us gel real well.

On practicing next to Goforth:
It feels like he's never left. He's so much a student of the game. He helps me in a way that a lot of people couldn't. He's getting calls, helping make me a better teammate. I appreciate him being out there.

On how he complements Goforth:
We're both kind of smaller safeties but we're so fast in what we're doing. He's a good cover guy and skill guy, I pride myself on that. Those types of things, we bring out the best in each other.

On the biggest difference from Josh Rosen since Bosco:
To me, Josh has always been great mentally, but he's maturing so quick because he knows the situation that there might be a chance he's in there on game day, so he's learning real quick and starting to become the leader we expect him to be.

On how Rosen will respond to Mora's outburst on Wednesday:
He's always dealt with adversity great. Him starting varsity as a sophomore. He never gets rattled. Whenever things are tough or not going his way, he'll tough it out.

On covering more slots:
I like anything my team wants me to do. I like covering guys, being in the deep middle, anything to help my team, I'm willing to do. It's pretty fun.

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