VIDEO: Austin Roberts on Knee Recovery

Aug. 21 -- The redshirt freshman receiver talks about the long road to recovering from ACL surgery...

Austin Roberts:

On being full go:
It feels great. Yesterday was a year since my surgery. It feels good to be out here with the guys instead of laid up in a hospital bed.

On how the rehab went:
It was really tough, mentally and physically. I'd never been through something like that in my life. But to know my teammates had my back, that kept my faith up in the process and got me back to camp this year.

On if he'll play with the brace on his knee:
I know I'll wear it for the first half of the season, but will see if I can get it off for the full season. I wouldn't say it limits me, I'm still able to move around, but its annoying to have to adjust it between plays or it digs into your knees. It's more of it being annoying.

On how last year helped:
The positives were that I was able to go home a little longer than the other guys. I would have much rather been out here in the heat with my family instead of sitting back in Westwood by myself.

On if he stayed up on conditioning:
I tried my best to keep up, but there is no easing in to the conditioning, they throw you in the fire. It was rough in the beginning.

On if he used the time for the playbook:
I did get in the playbook a little, looking back I wish I had gotten in to it more. I finally got a grasp of it.

On the hardest part of rehab:
The hardest thing had to be the first day, looking at your knee right after surgery, staples and stitches in there and realizing you have a long way back, it was eye opening to me. It was a blessing to come back out.

On if he'll stay at the Y:
The plan right now is to stay at the Y. We'll see what the future holds, but I'm focusing on the Y.

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