VIDEO: Thomas Duarte on Offseason Development

Aug. 23 -- The junior receiver talks about his goals this offseason and the younger Y-receivers...

Thomas Duarte:

On camp compared to previous camps:
The other camps I was out with a hamstring. So I'm glad to be back and doing this camp fully with the guys. I'm excited. It was a good experience and I'm looking forward to finishing camp and head back to Westwood.

On the young receivers at the Y:
They like to compete and they play fast. It doesn't matter if they know what they're doing or not, they like to play fast. It really pays off when you tell them something and they actually get it and use it on the field and they see. Its fun for me because I was on the other side. I was taking advice from Darius Bell and Grayson Mazzone, the older guys and implementing it into the game and saw it pay off. I know the feeling they're having. Anything good happens for them, I know that feeling. I'm embracing that for them. I'm trying to be that leader the coaches want me to be.

On his offseason focus:
I really focused on my technique. Sharpening my technique and getting a little bigger. Not necessarily bulkier but stronger, in the place I need to be. I emphasized getting stronger and knowing and studying the defense. Why they do what they do. For blocking, Coach Mazzone told me they would use me more in-line and out of the backfield and I asked what I could do to prepare myself and he said they'd like me to get a little bigger and I talked to Coach Alosi and he made it happen. None of the weight has gone to waste because out here, I feel just as fast if not faster.

On the quarterback competition:
I love it. This team is built on competition and to add the competition, to see Josh grow and see Jerry grow. We've had Brett the last couple years and everyone knew he was going to be the starter but this year, the vibe is different because we didn't have that guy, that set guy. Watching Jerry sling the ball and watching Joss do the same, it's been fun and we're not finished.

On if its made it difficult for the offense:
Not necessarily because we're all working together. We still have the line coming back and the other receivers coming back. The challenging part is gelling with the quarterbacks and his techniques and the little things he does.

On the defense under Tom Bradley:
They look competitive and fast and like they want to get after it. We want nothing but the best and they're bringing their best every day.

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