VIDEO: Ka'imi Fairbairn on Final UCLA Season

Aug. 21 -- The kicker talks about what he worked on this offseason and different practice techniques...

On camp so far:
We've done a lot of field goal work, and changed the way we do things in terms of score team procedures. Before, we used to just do score team at the end of practice, but now we do it periodically throughout practice and its benefited a lot.

On how its beneficial:
More realistic in terms of game like. You're not going to go into a game and kick eight times in a row, now you kick once and you're off to the sideline. Its a lot better.

On consistency in 40+ yarders:
Distance has not been a problem, its been accuracy and trusting your technique. I've tried to focus on how far it is and kick the same kick every time.
On what he worked on in the offseason:
Mostly flexibility and strength and the mental game, visualization and stuff like that.

On if he has something to prove:
Of course, you want to go out for your teammates and have a good year and hopefully get to the next level.

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