VIDEO: Matt Dickerson on Offseason Gains

Aug. 21 -- The defensive lineman talks about his weight gain and development in the last few months...

On his camp so far:
It's going real well. A lot different than last year, weather-wise, but I love to get after it and I'm ready to go.

On playing defensive end:
Coach Angus is always trying to tell us to learn the positions across the defensive line. Whether its nose, tackle or end. If someone goes down or tells us to go in, all of us should be comfortable playing that position. But I feel comfortable whether its nose, tackle or end.

On the biggest difference at end:
More redirection, more open space, where at tackle you're taking on more double teams. Reading the guard and tackles. Where at end, you have to look in the backfield. A lot of open space. A lot of redirection.

On his weight:
I'm at 285, 280. Its the heaviest I've been so far. Last time, I got down to 250 in spring and then Coach Alosi as a whole team helped us work in the winter. It really played a role. I feel good. I feel faster. I don't feel sluggis. At first, I felt a little out of shape, but we started adjusting to the heat. I feel great. I feel happy with my weight. I don't feel like I'm pushed around like I did at 250.

On what he's worked on in the offseason:
Really just technique and the little things. Last year, it was learning the majority of the things and techniques. Now its coming out the little things like knowing where the back is. Now it can tell you where the back is going to be what they're doing so really the tiny things I'm trying to improve on.

On where he needs to make the biggest strides:
Probably pass rush. I'm always trying to as a defensive line, work on a pass rush. And hand placement, because that helps you a whole lot, knocking back that tackle and guard.

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