VIDEO: Eric Yarber on UCLA Receiving Corps

Aug. 22 -- The receivers coach talks about Aaron Sharp, Stephen Johnson, and more...

On the young receivers:
I feel good about those guys. They're working hard every day. Competing every time they step on the field. They're coming on and working pretty good.

On Austin Roberts:
You really can't tell he has an ACL other than when he's turning into a certain direction, he'll gather more than just putting his foot in the ground and changing direction. He still has that big time speed, he's physical and smart and I like where he is right now.

On Aaron Sharp:
He's made tremendous strides. Now he looks like a receiver, like he belongs in the crew. Before in the spring, he looked out of place, but now he doesn't look out of place. He looks like the rest of those guys.

On if the pecking order changes based on quarterback chemistry:
No, it won't. We have a real good group of receivers. Their job is to get open, catch the ball, block on the perimeter. No matter who is the quarterback, they're expected to do their job.

On retiring Alex Van Dyke's nickname of "Bambi":
The way he's looking out there is strong. He said 'Coach, you can't call me Bambi. You can call me Big Buck. Full grown deer now."

On retiring the boxing gloves:
For now. Its used for ball security. When I get to the ball security portion drills, they'll come out. I like the crew we have. Its very very deep. Its an inside joke in our room, that if you get hurt, you may not see your spot again. They know its a big time competition and its making everyone better.

On Stephen Johnson:
Stephen Johnson confirmed what we saw on film- he has a skill set both fast, quick and he has some power to him. He's about 5-11, 6-0, 190. He's not a small guy. We like what we see out of him.

On if he's had to fight off Demetrice Martin for Johnson:
Man, everytime there is a great athlete, Meat is trying to take him. He's in his ear right now. I've got to get in the other ear and be the advocate.

On if he has his eyes on some DB's to switch to receiver:
Oh yeah, I have my eye on Octavius Spencer. I told him, 'you'll come home in a little while and come home to papa.' To the good side of the field.

On if the Y position will be more important with a new QB:
The Y position is always a big target for us. Traditionally in Coach Mazzone's offense, that Y guy catches the most balls. With Thomas Duarte and the surprise of camp, Tyler Scott, he had a wonderful spring ball and took over from where he left off, he's totally ascending and not plateauing out.

On Eldridge Massington's blocking:
Eldridge was always a good blocker but he hadn't learned where the point of attack was and that's where he'd lose his block. He's done a good job of that. We always told him to bend his knees and get down and play basketball on grass. Every football player wants to be a rapper or basketball player or rapper wants to be a football player.

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