VIDEO: Jim Mora After UCLA Scrimmage

Aug. 21 -- The head coach says he'd like to have a starter at quarterback by next weekend...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
It was really a great night for us, to get out and play football. The procedure of everything, special teams, the transition to offense and defense, competing. It was the ones against everyone else and we moved guys around. They needed that, to cut loose and play football. I was happy with the way it went. We had no injuries or dings, we came out completely healthy. It was a good way to end camp. Tomorrow we'll have the Fan Fest at 9:15 and these guys will all be out here signing autographs. We're not going to practice in the morning, we're just going to do the Fan Fest. The players know that. I wasn't going to tell them, but I did. It was a great camp. Its always fun to come to San Bernardino. For me. I don't know if it is for them. Come out, get away, eliminate distractions, participate a tough camp and tough environment. I think it helps us bond as a team. It helps us as we get into the season. It helps us bond as a team. In the season it helps us overcome some adversity. That's the reason we do it. Thanks to San Bernardino for putting an amazing camp for us. They're so accomodating. The fields are great, the dorms are great, the food is great. Everything is first class. We're really lucky to have this facility.

On if quarterback evaluations had extra emphasis on the scrimmage:
It's part of it. Its not anything extra. I wouldnt say its more or less. I think its another practice. They weren't live, everyone around them was live. We're not going to make that decision yet. I would love to make that decision. We're not prepared to make that decision. We want to make sure when we do make it, its the right decision, that we have conviction about it and that's what we're going to do. I know people are interested in it and its a great story. When you have a high profile guy like Josh Rosen coming in. And then you have Jerry Neuheisel, who's Rick's son. Its a pretty compelling story. We can't let that affect our decision making.

On when they'll likely have a decision made:
Well, gosh, I have to have it done by 12:30 on September 5th. I would like to have it done, make that decision by next weekend, the latest. So as we go into our tried and true prep for Virginia on Monday before that game, that we know exactly which way we're going. That's the goal. We have a few more practices in Westwood. We're still in training camp mode and have two two-a-day's left. I'll tell you this, I'm encouraged. It was tough on Mike tonight. He was running against a different offensive line. Really it was a comparison between Jerry and Josh and I was impressed with both of them. I thought they both made good throws. There were some unfortunate drops that Josh had that would have made him look better. When you stand back there and evaluate their presence in the pocket, how they move around, how they lead their team, they both are very comfortable and in control.

On Soso Jamabo:
A little better. I think he's really learning. Its an adjustment. Everyone is learning at a different pace. The thing you notice about him is he's smooth and elusive. He's a linear guy. Its not as easy for him to drop his pads like a guy like Bolu. But they both did well. As did Roosevelt. I think we've got a good running game and can run the ball. Perkins looked good. Nate had it a couple of times, but his foot was hurting so we pulled him out. I think that we have a really good group of guys.

On Adrian Klemm's suspension:
We have a little more clarity. I'm not allowed to speak on it but at least we can plan for the first couple of weeks. So that is a positive.

On if they'll approach the OL position as they did in spring:
I don't know yet. We'll sit down and talk about it. I will tell you this, I feel very confident that we have the men in place to make it work whatever direction we go on. We have an excellent staff.

On if Klemm can still be at practice:

On Adarius Pickett at running back:
We planned to get him a couple of carries. When Nate got hurt, we didn't want to put Paul back in so we gave him a couple of carries. We had Mossi in at safety for a couple of plays. Other than that, we didn't move many guys around. We talked about giving Mossi a couple of snaps at safety, giving Adarius a couple of carries at running back. Adarius looked pretty darn good. You might be on to something, I might be totally wrong.

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