VIDEO: Myles Jack Happy to Be Home

Aug. 24 -- UCLA's star linebacker Myles Jack talks about returning to UCLA, the incident in San Bernardino, and more...

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack talked Monday after practice.

On being back in Westwood:
Magnificent, cooler, you get to eat good food. It is night and day better. That trip to San Bernardino was well worth it. And we need it. I think its a good humbling camp. Its nitty gritty, its hot and we have to come together as a team and figure things out. That prepares us for game. If we have to revert back to San Bernardino, we've been in a crazy environment.

On this camp compared to the last two:
In my opinion, this is the hardest camp we've had. We've worked the hardest. Bar none in my opinion, the hardest. As the years go on, expectation and work loads, we have to step our game up. More and more effort and more and more work you have to put in to it. It would be a disservice to us if it weren't harder and harder and there would be no point in going out there. Honestly, I hate going out there. Its just real, but it's good for you. Sometimes, life is about doing things you don't want to do and San Bernardino is one of those things. In the long run, I would definitely appreciate it. While I was there, I definitely didn't like being there. I was stuck there but its a benefit to me.

On if he has one more year at San Bernardino.
Yes. One more year. I like how you did that. Slick.

On the practice he was kicked out of:
Pretty much what had happened was 100% my fault. I apologized to McDermott. I had thought I got hit late but it ended up being friendly fire by the defense. I just lost my mind. I got hit, I lost my mind. It was 110 degrees and I lost my cool. That's natural and I just took it overboard. I took full responsibility and it won't happen again. It shouldn't be news to you guys, it happens once a year in San Bernardino. I blame San Bernardino. Its all handled. Fully my fault, I take responsibility. It won't happen again.

On the defense compared to last year:
A guy like EK you can't replace, in the NFL, doing his thing, as we all expected. Moving forward as a defense, I like where we're at. Me and Kenny Young have stepped up. He's stepped up and making the calls like EK did. I like the experience and the trust we have. Its a cool factor about this defnese, we all know what we're capable about.

On if there is more pressure in Tom Bradley's defense:
Definitely, I would say there are more pressures this year. We're going to take more chances this year compared to last year. Definitely some different aspects and tweaks. He definitely added his changes, which is cool.

On if they're deep at linebacker:
Definitely. I honestly believe that Jayon Brown, Isaako Savaiianaea and Cameron Judge, we have guys that could play anywhere in the Pac-12 in my opinion. If one of us go down, we have guys that can step up and we don't miss a bit. I feel confident that if I go out, Jayon Brown could go in and do it.

On if he'll play running back this year:
The whole running back deal is unorthodox. I never know when I'm going in or what's going to happen. Its a mystery too but its always in the back of mind and depends on what Coach Mazzone draws up. I'm all hands on deck. Its a fun deal to play running back and spelling guys like Paul Perkins.

On kick return:
I want to do it, but it comes down to the coaches. Whenever they feel they have the trust in me and the confidence, I'll do it. I've been doing it in practice on and off. I think its very likely in my opinion, but we'll see. Its up to them. Me being optimistic, I'd say very likely.

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