VIDEO: Stephen Johnson on First Camp

Aug. 25 -- The freshman receiver talks about learning the offense and whether he'd want to play defense...

Stephen Johnson:

On his first fall camp:
It was a great experience for me. Coming out, it was a little different from high school, the pace was completely faster. I would say it was a grind. The heat, the whole process of the day was intense.

On if anything surprised him:
The pace was more intense and faster, the players are bigger.

On how the off-season helped:
It helped a little but i was still tired. It was hot and faster. But with Coach Alosi and the stuff, they do a good job of working us out.

On the heat:
It was something you have to adjust to. It wasn't that bad, but the first couple of days, it wore on me hard.

On fitting in to the offense:
It feels good. I feel like they're working me in. I'm adjusting to the plays and learning everything.

On his health:
I'm great right now.

On the position battle with coaches:
We haven't really talked about it that much, but if they (defense) needs me, I'll go over. Right now, I prefer offense. I like having the ball in my hands.

On if he expects to play as a true freshman:
I plan to play, but whatever happens happens.

On kick returning:
I like special teams, kick returning and punt returning. That's something I like to do.

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