VIDEO: Bolu Olorunfunmi on First Two Weeks

Aug. 25 -- The freshman running back talks about his big first two weeks in San Bernardino...

Bolu Olorunfunmi:

On his performance in camp:
I think its been good but there are always some things to fix up. A lot of mistakes that need to be cleaned up, but overall I think its been alright, but could be better.

On opening Mora's eyes:
Honestly, whenever I get the ball, I just run. Watching the film, it does look like I got a little quicker and that was the six weeks of conditioning and running so I can thank the strength coaches for that.

On if camp is everything he thought it would be:
From what the players told me, a little better, because the beds were a gamechanger for us. I'm used to the heat from Fresno, but it was different from the camps I had in high school. Completely different.

On what the biggest difference was:
Probably the way the coaches pressure you. Coach Polamalu tries to make us comfortable in uncomfortable situations, that way in the game, its like this, so I had to adjust to that, something I wasn't used to in high school.

On if he had something to prove:
There was a little chip on my shoulder to come and prove to people that I could do the same thing other people could do. Ultimately, the goal was to come here and do something my first year.

On what scouts may have overlooked:
My quickness and speed and power.

On how his running style differs from other backs:
Probably taking the collision and hits. When you get those three yards, you have to take those hits.

On what he needs to improve:
My knee bend, I'm still too high coming through the hole, catching, pass blocking. There are a lot of things I need to work on.

On catching the ball better:
Coming here, I knew the running backs are out here on routes a lot.

On his weight:
I'm at 218-220 range right now. I'm feeling good. Out in San Bernardino, I didnt think it was good for me but through camp, I knew it would protect me through the season.

On if he'll play as a freshman:
I'm preparing to play, put me in the game, I'm ready.

On if Myles Jack gave him a hard time for the video he put up of him stiff arming him:
Yeah, but I told him it wasn't meant in that way. I didn't mean to put it and disrespect him but we cleared it out.

On if it was a stiffarm or poke in the eye:
I was known in high school for putting my hand in a facemask. I'm not even sure what happened. I didn't even remember. Instinct.

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