VIDEO: UCLA's Jim Mora on Tuesday

Aug. 25 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about the new practice fields, the health of the team, and more...

Opening statement:
It was a good morning- we did a lot of situational work like we usually do on two-a-days and then we'll come out and have a good practice at 5:45. Its pretty neat being out here. Its different but it's a neat setting because you can see the campus. We have two 100-yard fields with tons of space so we're getting used to that. We appreciate the fact UCLA lets us use the rec field, UCLA Rec. Its a big commitment. I like it. I like it a lot. I think our players like it. We have to get used to all the white lines on the field but once again I think the glass is half full and it focuses us to focus on what's important which are the white lines, the numbers and the hashes and the end zones. I like where we're at right now. We'll start getting into prep for Virginia, the first day we're doing that. We're in our a good spot.

On which quarterback will be the first in practice:
There will be two quarterbacks out there. We have not made any decisions on quarterbacks. Contrary to what sources may say, I have not talked to any of the quarterbacks, the staff, nobody has been informed anything, so anyone who has sources that say I have, their sources are 1,000% wrong.

On if not having a grass field matters:
No, because they've done a really nice job on Spauldin and theyr'e going to save about 60yards of that. Its most important for our kickers. We're going to do something different for our kickers this year. On home games, we're going to send Ka'imi out to kick. Typically on home games, we go out to the Rose Bowl and walk around. The Rose Bowl grass is so nice, its almost like field turf.

On if he is still eyeing the end of the week for a quarterback:
No, I'm not eyeing a timeline. 

On Chris Clark:
I was really pleased with the way he came back yesterday, his first full day, full pads, in competitive situations. He has a real good grasp for a guy who hasn't taken a lot of reps. You can see his athletic ability. The players are excited to have him back out there and I know the coaches are.

On Simon Goines:
Its uncertain at this time.

On training camp being the toughest this year:
I think they're all tough. I don't know which one has been more tougher than the other. I'm sure if you asked these guys, they would have a different persepctive. It was demanding, it was uncomfortable, it was intense and it was stressful and all things we wanted it to be.

On Jake Brendel and Connor McDermott:
They practiced today.

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