VIDEO: Adarius Pickett on Playing Safety, RB

Aug. 26 -- UCLA Football Safety Adarius Pickett talks about his growth at that position and potentially playing running back...

Adarius Pickett talks after practice about playing both safety and running back in practice.

On fall camp:
It went really well. I had a lot of fun out there, learning from the older guys like Randall Goforth and Fabian Moreau. Playing football, it felt good out there just playing football again.

On his second week in camp:
Really my preparation in the offseason, training with Coach Alosi, Johnny Johnson, that really prepared me for fall camp.

On running back reps in the scrimmage:
I'll always have running back abilities, but primarily, safety is my position. My position is safety on this team.

On if they approached him about running back:
We only had one running back so they asked me over there for a couple of reps, but it felt good. As far as I know, though, I'm a safety on this team.

On playing nickel:
Nickel is more down in the box. Its kind of like another linebacker position. Knowing where you fit in the run.

On his weight:
I weight 194 right now. 

On the younger corners:
They're getting better each day, I've seen Johnny Johnson, he's coming along, Dechaun Holiday came along at the end of camp.

On the toughest receiver:
I try to go against the older guys to get those reps.

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