VIDEO: Rick Wade on Weight Gain, First Camp

Aug. 26 -- The UCLA defensive end talks about his 20-pound weight gain and his performance in his first camp...

Rick Wade talked after pratice this week.

On his first fall camp:

It went good, working hard, trying to get better, its been paying off, so hopefully I can get on the field this year and help my team out.

On his weight:

Around 255. I've been working hard in the weight room, getting my strength up, Coach Alosi did a great job. I feel a lot more stronger and a lot better, and I think I'll do good.  

On if the gains came before the summer:

A lot of it was before, but I really feel like my strength and flexibility came together with my athleticism once I got here, I feel like I changed a lot as a player.

On his diet:

Eating a lot, eating right, eating protein. Coach Alosi helps us out a lot with diet.

On redshirting this year:

It seems like I'll possibly play.  I'm working hard to do as much as I can to help my team.  Takk got hurt, so its me and JTM so hopefully I can get in that rotation and help the team out.

On if he surprised the coaches:

I think so. I don't hype myself up, I was flying under the radar.  I just worked hard, stayed quiet and do my job.

On running with the two-deep:

It's completely different.  Caleb, a completely different athlete. If I can go up against that, I can get a lot better.

On his goal weight:

This year, probably 265. Realistically, 260, but by the end of it, 280-290 hopefully, but stay quick.  My footwork is a little rusty because I was lifting and getting stronger, but with Coach Angus, all the individuals we do, I feel much better.

On if the weight was a transition:

A little bit.  Over the years, I've gained weight pretty well. I feel stronger and more aggressive.

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